A Showcase: Tier III Data Center Riba de Ave

Customer: REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais SGPS, S.A., Portugal
Project: Data Center Riba de Ave, 2018
Partners: Proef Group, Eurico Ferreira Portugal
Products: FO network with OM4 cables, E2000/APC connectors, Cat. 6A UTP copper cabling, 19-inch cabinets.

REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais takes care of three essential tasks of national importance in Portugal.

  • The company operates the national energy transport networks.
  • Operating the security telecommunication network RTS is also one of REN’s tasks (RTS = Rede de Telecomunicações de Segurança).
  • The group also includes RENTELECOM, an independent telecommunications network operator. This provider offers connections to particularly stable, national FO networks. The offering also includes all kinds of services to do with secure telecommunication and secure data traffic.

For these three segments, REN required its own data center providing important data network and IT systems. It had to be a highly reliable data center as it was to play a part in ensuring that REN could provide a stable power supply throughout the country. It was also to improve the security of the RTS network. And finally RENTELECOM wanted to use the data center to be able to guarantee customers maximum data protection.

Cabling – basis of security

Installation company Eurico Ferreira launched the project with a clearly defined aim: To be able to achieve the security goals, the data center required high-end cabling. Only a reliable premium brand could be used to fit out the local data network. Which is why R&M was selected.

The project managers from Eurico Ferreira developed a network based on OM4 FO and Cat. 6A UTP copper cabling. The LAN covers an operating area of 5,000 m2 including 1,200 m2 of technical rooms. The most diverse and sophisticated information and telecommunication systems in Portugal come together in the technical rooms of the Riba de Ave data center.

With the high-end solution from R&M, the REN data center became a reference model in terms of security. Furthermore, the FO and copper infrastructures installed by Eurico Ferreira guarantee efficient operation of the data network.

It was no problem to verify the center’s resilience to failures. This is why it has been awarded Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute. The Riba de Ave data center is thus an example of technological excellence in Portugal.

The project consolidated the partnership between R&M and Eurico Ferreira. The business relationship is based on professionalism and technical excellence.

We believe that top infrastructures need a premium brand to fulfill every single requirement in terms of technical quality. Our collaboration with R&M has allowed us to realize a top security data center.

Manuel Silva, General Director, Eurico Ferreira

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Luís Alves

By Luís Alves

R&M Portugal