Network for 6000 Workstations

Customer: Investor group and UBS Group AG
Project: City of London, new building at 5 Broadgate, 2015
Application: Structured cabling for 6000 trading and office workstations of a financial services company. LAN on the basis of Cat. 6A ISO copper cabling. Workstation connection with purpose-designed Grid Outlet Point (GOP) boxes. Creating cabling links exceeding standard lengths.

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The new building at 5 Broadgate in the City of London is one of the largest and most sustainable building projects in Europe’s recent history. The goal of the architects was to create a perfect “machine” for the financial sector. It offers space for 6000 financial experts.

The intense use of the building required a voluminous data network. The cabling had to satisfy the demands of an international financial services company. The sheer stretch of the building required several cabling links that exceeded standard lengths.

One of the greatest challenges was seen in logistics. There were virtually no storage areas on site. The companies at work had to minimize transport journeys and waste as far as possible. And there was very little time available for installation.


An international team of R&M colleagues tackled the challenge of planning with the help of British partner Redstone Converged Solutions Ltd. Their aim: the installation of structured cabling with more than 3000 km of cable, 31 800 Class EA links, 126 000 shielded Cat. 6A EL modules from R&M.

The logistical masterpiece was a result of meticulous collaboration. All components were pre-terminated at the Redstone plant. R&M issued the certifications at the same time. This meant the cabling could be installed on the building site without waste, without taking up any storage space and without any loss of time.

5 Broadgate in the City of London demonstrates the following:

  • R&M’s expertise and ability to meet the demands of major projects
  • R&M’s ability to support and coordinate multinational teams
  • R&M’s commitment to provide technical support to the client
  • R&M’s customer-specific range of services

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Geoff Dear

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