Faster and More Cost Effective in the FTTX Business

Customer: GTT Communications, Inc., GTT Communications Benelux & Nordics
Project: Network management, since 2017
Application: Wide area networks, transport networks, FTTX, Tier 1 IP networks, cloud network services


International network provider GTT Communications knows what customers expect: readily available FO networks, range, stable cloud connections, diverse cloud and IP network services, uncomplicated and fast solutions at competitive prices.

For the GTT unit in the Benelux & Nordics region, this means having to combine different FO infrastructures. The network nodes in the field have to be able to be adjusted to customer requirements fast and flexibly. Dome closures are an important solution in this area.

Mark Zuijdendorp, Field Engineering Manager Benelux & Nordics at GTT Communications reports: “In order to simplify management and reduce the inventory of products required for servicing our network, we had been searching for a better fiber closure for a number of years.”

The requirements were as follows:

  • Space for 12 to 432 FO cables
  • Flexible, scalable, modular structure
  • Short installation times
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Durable housing
  • Cost reduction

After evaluation and independent tests, GTT opted for the SYNO dome closure from R&M. The advantages:

  • Quick mounting technology, simple handling. Mark Zuijdendorp: Per connection we save one and a half hours, both when making new connections and for troubleshooting.
  • Shorter service windows. The response times defined in the Service Level Agreements are undercut.
  • The SYNO dome closure can easily be reused thanks to the cold gel sealing. This is useful both in terms of new connections that may require modifications at a later date and for replacement work. The solution makes GTT more flexible.
  • The gel cold sealing protects the fibers and thus improves the availability and performance of the FO connections.
  • The dome closure is easy to open and close. The distribution platform can be upgraded modularly. This enables flexible upgrading of existing connections.
  • The Single Circuit Management System by R&M in the dome closure is scalable to up to 1,152 connections.

GTT Benelux & Nordics has been working with the SYNO dome closure with complete satisfaction since the beginning of 2018. The transition was smooth thanks to the collaboration with distributor 6X International. The installation by partner companies, the system documentation and inventory of products could all be simplified. The FO technicians trained by R&M were impressed by the ease of installation. Mark Zuijdendorp is sure that they are now better equipped for better networks. Operating expenses will also drop due to the advantages of the SYNO dome closure.

The R&M SYNO dome closure ensures high-quality connections with which we are better prepared for the future of ever faster networks.

Mark Zuijdendorp, Field Engineering Manager Benelux & Nordics, GTT Communications, Inc.

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Johan Bil

By Johan Bil

R&M Western Europe