BAM, SPIE and R&M Develop Network

Customer: Poort Central Rijnstraat 8 Consortium
commissioned by the Dutch kingdom, The Hague, Netherlands
Partners: Royal BAM Group N.V., SPIE SA Group/SPIE Netherlands, ISS Facility Services,
Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Project: Renovation of the government building Rijnstraat 8, The Hague, 2014-2016

Applications: Structured building cabling with fiber optic and Cat. 6A copper cabling. Integration of IT, VoIP, WiFi, building automation, communication and security systems. Power over Ethernet for all active workstation devices. Automated Infrastructure Management with R&MinteliPhy.

The project
The government building Rijnstraat 8 in The Hague, a building with 4,500 workstations, was to be extensively renovated. It was designed to be used by multiple governmental organizations and to meet the widest possible variety of organizational and personal needs.

Societal and technological developments have changed civil servants’ work. Rijnstraat 8 was optimized for precisely these tasks. Making the existing property suitable for its new purpose was a vast undertaking. BAM, SPIE and R&M, responsible for the complex network infrastructure, managed to get this enormous job done thanks to close collaboration, fresh ideas and smart use of technological resources.

Design first, then build
BAM set up the entire project, including new construction work, in detail in a BIM (Building Information Model) environment. Routes were accurately defined and lengths and tolerances precisely calculated. R&M and SPIE were able to confidently prefabricate the network based on the BIM data. As every meter of cable was used, there was virtually no material loss. In addition, considerable time was saved by prefabricating the cabling away from the project location.

Far-reaching digitalization
The IT networks have to support a wide variety of devices and platforms: office PCs, network connections, WiFi, camera security, internal presentation systems, narrowcasting, sunblinds, ticketing and numbering systems, access and purchasing systems. Even the lockers are connected to the network.

In order to be able to fulfill increasing bandwidth requirements, R&M recommended future-proof singlemode cables for the backbone. The building’s network foundation offers plenty of scope for later expansion of services, and it also facilitates increasingly smart building management. The next phase is the implementation of R&MinteliPhy for Automated Infrastructure Management.

f.l.t.r.: Robert Post, R&M Netherlands; Ron Meester, Project Manager BAM Groote Projecten; Richard Zijleman, Project Manager SPIE Netherlands; Abdellah Ahassad, Head Mechanic SPIE Netherlands; Frans van Westen, R&M Netherlands; Fatih Kucukunal, Planner SPIE Netherlands.

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