High Speed LAN for Showrooms and Service

Customer: GB Auto S.A.E. (Ghabbour Group), Cairo, Egypt
Project: New cabling of local data networks in 13 company premises and systems at different sites, 2014-2015.
Application: Structured building cabling and data center cabling for using 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), and later 40/100 GbE. Use of OM3 and OM4 fiber cables, parallel optical connection technology (MPO) and copper cabling with Cat. 6 connections.

Ghabbour Auto has been one of the leading automotive manufacturers and dealers in the Middle East and North Africa region for the last 55 years. “We have been positioning ourselves as a one-stop shop for customers by vertically integrating sales, finance and ­after-sales support functions under one roof,” explains the IT Team at Ghabbour Auto.

To be able to use the necessary applications for this, the company required higher-performance networks at several locations. Three service centers, eight showrooms, a data center and a disaster recovery site were to be equipped with new LAN cabling in a short timeframe.

The automotive company had previously leveraged R&M’s cabling solutions for its headquarters in Cairo and five other sites across Egypt. Ghabbour Auto was familiar with

  • the product quality
  • the 25-year system warranty
  • the expertise and
  • locally delivered support.

This is why the company chose the R&M system solutions for their current investment.

The excellent bandwidth was key in the decision to deploy Cat. 6 copper cabling from R&M. The reserves for transmitting 10 GbE with simultaneous fulfillment of the most demanding industrial standards in terms of quality and performance were particularly compelling. Ghabbour deployed a fiber optic backbone leveraging R&M’s latest OM3 and OM4 products as well as the parallel optical connection technology with MPO connectors.

The new networks at Ghabbour Auto’s Egyptian sites are not only capable of transmitting 10 GbE without a hitch. They are also perfect for delivering future transmission performances such as 40 GbE and even 100 GbE. The networks can be easily scaled to meet the company’s future requirements. R&M and its partners have already been awarded further cabling contracts.

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Mohamed Allam

By Mohamed Allam