Cat. 6A Solution for Indian HQ

Customer: Bayer AG, Bayer CropScience Ltd., India
Project: New Indian corporate HQ in Thane, 2014
Application: Structured building cabling for office complex. High Performance Network Connectivity with Cat. 6A UTP copper cabling, partially shielded components, and multimode FO cabling.

The Bayer Group had taken over an office complex in Thane that it wanted to convert into the new company HQ. It was to become the new Bayer House. The eight-story office complex with 15 300 square meters of usable space had to be modernized and re-equipped in a very short space of time. At the same time, the group wanted it to be a kind of role model demonstrating the economic use of resources. The company is absolutely dedicated to sustainability.

The building cabling also had to be replaced. Bayer CropScience Ltd. was looking for a future-proof network, designed to operate for 15 to 20 years, based on a passive infrastructure with particularly long life expectancy, in keeping with the sustainable and far-sighted planning of the company.

The IT team at Bayer CropScience was convinced that R&M cabling was the answer to all its network requirements. The R&M solution is space-saving, future-proof and offers outstanding transmission properties. Other factors, such as simple handling on installation, the quality of the products and the security solutions, convinced them even further that R&M was the perfect partner.

R&M provided Bayer CropScience with copper cabling based on the Cat. 6A UTP solution, but also featuring some shielded components. Six-core multimode FO cables were used for the backbone. The installation was designed on the lines of data center cabling to guarantee high availability of the network. It provides High Performance Network Connectivity as defined by R&M.

Within only a couple of months, it was possible to coordinate and deploy the cabling down to the very last detail together with R&M’s planning and installation team. Extremely precise planning was the basis of efficient and fast installation. Bayer CropScience is impressed with the solution provided by R&M and will continue the collaboration in future projects.

The building has been awarded gold LEED certification. That means all requirements of safeguarding resources were fulfilled and the office complex can be seen as an exemplary green building. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

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Rajesh Rajan

By Rajesh Rajan

R&M India