VINCI Construction chooses the safe approach

Customer: VINCI Construction France, Lyon, France
Project: General refurbishment of French nuclear facilities with sustainable renovation and construction program for tertiary buildings, partner program for projects south of the Loire, started in 2015.
Application: Fire-resistant cabling with C1 cables from R&M, Cat. 6A infrastructure, Cat. 6A EL connection modules.

In addition to general refurbishment of its nuclear facilities, French energy supplier EDF is also forging ahead with a comprehensive construction program for the tertiary buildings at the individual sites. It has tasked its partners with renovating and constructing more than 700 functional buildings, keeping in mind the principles of convenience, quality, cost, ecology and safety. Cables with excellent fire resistance are especially important to EDF.

VINCI Construction France took on the task of overseeing 11 sites in the south of France, where the project covers a building space of more than 300,000 square meters. One of the main challenges was to find the right supplier for such a major project – set to span ten years – who could meet EDF’s strict specifications well into the future.

For Didier Godefroy, head of the partner project at VINCI Construction France, there was no question as to the right solution: teaming up with R&M. As he put it, “We have been working with R&M for many years. When it came to the choice of infrastructures for the voice, data and image transmission networks, we selected R&M’s proposal, because it exactly met our specifications in terms of technology, quality and sustainability.”

The deciding factors were:

  • R&M’s extensive range of solutions
  • the high-quality products, including shielded Cat. 6A solutions
  • the ability to supply large quantities of the fire-resistant C1 cable at short notice

The long service life and 25-year warranty for all solutions supplied by R&M also played an important role.

The construction program got off to a flying start. In the first year of the project alone, some 350 kilometers of shielded Cat. 6A cabling were laid and 14,000 shielded Cat. 6A EL connection modules installed.

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Dominique Barek

By Dominique Barek

R&M France