Cost Efficient LAN Installation

unisuper_logoCustomer: UniSuper Management Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia
Project partner: RTD Communications Pty. Ltd., Rowville, Victoria, Australia
Distribution partner: Computer Room Solutions Pty Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia
Project: Local data networks for four branches and a data center, 2015.
Application: Structured cabling with Cat. 6A EL copper connectivity technology and OM4 FO cabling with MPO modules.

The Australian superannuation fund UniSuper is extending its advisory service throughout the country. New offices were being set up in Perth and Brisbane that required a local data network. The existing offices in Melbourne and Sydney were also to be given new network infrastructures. The data center in Melbourne was also to be equipped with new cabling.

The commissioned project partner RTD Communications Pty. Ltd. was looking for an end-to-end solution to ensure the installations in four cities throughout the country took place quickly and efficiently.

Pre-terminated cabling systems from R&M proved to be the optimal solution in this case as they were capable of implementing the entire project with maximum efficiency. R&M and regional distribution partner Computer Room Solutions Pty. Ltd. customized the required installation units accordingly and delivered them on time.

The structured cabling consists of copper lines with Cat. 6A EL connection modules and FO backbones which consist of OM4 cables, trunk cables and MPO modules.

The technicians from RTD were able to get started quickly, thanks to the pre-assembled units, and install all cabling on time. “We were looking for a cost-effective and reliable end-to-end solution and that is why we put forward R&M to the client,” says RTD Director Ross Finlayson.

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Emmanuel Beydon

By Emmanuel Beydon

R&M Australia