Efficient Support for Regional Bank

Customer: Bank of Shaoxing Co., Ltd., Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, China
Project: Cabling of the bank’s new data center.
Application: structured data center network with Cat. 6 copper and OM3 FO cabling.

The Bank of Shaoxing, a significant regional financial institute with 46 branches in the province of Zhejiang south of Shanghai, had defined farsighted requirements in the planning of its new data center. In particular, the client wanted a sustainable network solution – totally in keeping with the quality-oriented, sustainable business philosophy of the bank, something also expressed by the symbolized orchid in its trademark.

The bank was looking for systems which are reliable and future-proof, and can manage large bandwidths. And products that had already proved themselves were to be chosen. The infrastructure had to fulfill top reliability requirements, always be available and guarantee fast data transfer.

Thorough, in-depth evaluation led to R&M being selected as supplier and project partner. The proven stability and reliability of the data center solutions from R&M as well as the technical support on offer were key in this decision.

R&M developed a concept with an FO backbone on the basis of OM3 cabling and parallel-optical connection technology. This required MTP modules, MTP trunk cables and 3U 48-port MTP patch panels as well as pigtails and patch panels with LC ports.

The tertiary cabling was realized with tried-and-tested Cat. 6 copper cabling and can be upgraded if necessary. The guaranteed long-term stable performance of the Cat. 6 solution was the main reason why the bank chose this solution.

The project was completed without any hitches and to the customer’s entire satisfaction. The key to success was in the combination of high-performance products, systematic solution development, and the efficient technical support on offer from R&M.

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Anson Ma

By Anson Ma

R&M China