Reconfigurable, Scalable, Fast

Customer: Sp. z o.o., Poznań, Poland

Project: Data Center 2 plus LAN at the headquarters, 2016

Application: Data center with level-4 rating in accordance with ANSI/TIA-942. Multifunctional offer with cloud services, IT services, colocation, connectivity, disaster recovery.

Perfection is the highest goal of the innovative data center operator, a company striving for market leadership in Poland. From the very outset, the site in Poznań was to produce at the highest security and efficiency levels (level-4 rating in accordance with ANSI/TIA-942, PUE 1.1 and PUE 1.4). also defined strict standards for the infrastructure and connectivity of the carrier-neutral data center.

R&M fulfilled all conditions and embarked on the ambitious project together with B&K Power Division. Four  fundamental criteria distinguish the cabling recommended by R&M:

  • It guarantees the desired reconfigurability of the system.
  • The passive infrastructure is fully scalable and easy to upgrade.
  • The assembly solution facilitates fast installation. The FO trunks are delivered completely pre-terminated. On-site splicing is thus no longer necessary.

The customer was also impressed by further benefits offered by R&M which support long-term investment planning and an increase in performance:

  • Automated infrastructure management: R&MinteliPhy can be implemented later during operation.
  • Security: The three-level R&M security system is retrofittable.
  • Modularity: Copper and FO cabling can be combined and mixed to suit all requirements in a single 1U 19’’ panel.
  • High density: With the 48-port 1U HD panel, accommodates a large number of copper ports on the valuable space.

Bartłomiej Danek, Vice President, sums up the project:

“Data Center 2 is one of the most significant investments in our branch throughout Europe in recent times. Together with long-standing partners such as R&M, we have created an unrivaled infrastructure. We are pleased to have a global partner with such an impressive portfolio at our side.”

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Pawel Nowakowski

By Pawel Nowakowski