Cat. 6A from R&M helps Australia’s Industry

Customer: Australian Industry Group (Ai Group)
Project: Network equipment for new head office of the industry association in Melbourne, 2015.
Application: Structured office and building cabling with Cat. 6A EL and Cat. 6A ISO modules, WARP cables and 48-port panels.

In late 2014, Ai Group decided to relocate to new premises in Melbourne. However, the building required new LAN cabling of the offices. A major issue in project planning was that the cabling solution could be delivered on time as the network had to be installed at short notice within a given timeframe. It had to be future-proof and easy to use.

Rydec Pty Ltd, commissioned with installing the network, recommended a current copper cabling solution from R&M. The three partners Rydec, R&M and distributor CSR Limited had successfully worked together in numerous projects over the years. The plan was to put this experience and routine to good use in the Ai Group project.

Rydec suggested using the Cat. 6A EL RJ45 connection module launched in 2014. The Rydec installation engineers swear by it because of its perfect mix of performance, reliability and ease of use. The responsible technicians were already familiar with this innovation for office and building cabling. They stressed just how easy the Cat. 6A EL module is to assemble, thereby considerably shortening the time taken for installation.

Rydec also recommended using the Cat. 6A ISO module from R&M. It was to be used where high connection density was required in the racks. R&M’s 48-port panels were used here as a distribution platform.

As installation cable, Rydec selected Cat. 6A WARP cables by R&M. Wave reduction pattern technology (WARP technology) combines protection against alien crosstalk for shielded cabling with the simple handling of unshielded cabling giving users the best of both worlds. Individual sections of the shield isolated from each other in the cable reduce the crosstalk between adjoining cabling systems.

The holistic cabling solution delivered met Ai Group’s expectations not only in terms of performance. It also enabled a smooth transition from the old offices to the new premises. The installation was completed on time and commissioned without any hitches.

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Emmanuel Beydon

By Emmanuel Beydon

R&M Australia