R&MinteliPhy on the Netscale Platform

Ultra high density cabling in the data center and automated infrastructure management. But how can you combine the two? The latest developments from R&M make it possible. The infrastructure management solution R&MinteliPhy can now also be used on the R&M distribution platform Netscale – the platform with the highest packing density for FO networks.

This is how network administrators can simultaneously monitor thousands of FO connections in a rack, fully automatically and in real time.

Specially developed sensor components can easily be integrated into the Netscale modules for LC and MPO connectivity technologies where they replace an adapter series. The connectors themselves are retrofitted on site with RFID tags. RFID sensors for Netscale feature a self-test function. The electronics monitor themselves during operation and can issue a warning if problems are detected. This is how to avoid network failure. The availability of the data center increases.

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Reinhard Burkert

By Reinhard Burkert

Product Manager