R&MinteliPhy 3.0 with Multi-Site Function

050.6117Automated network monitoring with R&MinteliPhy 3.0 enables the complete and central monitoring of data networks at different locations. The extended multi-site function can be linked with geographic information systems. Network administrators and technicians thus have the LAN of all branches of a company under control without having to actually be on site.

They can simply send jobs to the sites online. The time involved in service call-outs thus becomes a thing of the past. This means R&MinteliPhy can precisely define the position of an interrupted connection. The service personnel on site can react faster and more precisely. The free rack resources can be determined centrally and migrations planned homogeneously.

050.6118Data from public or private GIS servers, existing digitized maps and other location-specific data can be incorporated directly. This helps network designers to plan the set-up and extension of data networks with digital maps. They can orientate themselves better and find suitable network solutions for complex locations.

The graphic report functions were extended. All reports can be freely configured so that users can compile exactly the information they require.

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Reinhard Burkert

By Reinhard Burkert

Product Manager