Cabling Offices with Consolidation Points

POLAN delivers high bandwidths to the individual floors and rooms at a favorable price. The last meters “to the desk” feature tried and tested zone cabling with copper cables.

In this solution, consolidation points (CP) take care of the stationary distributor and transfer functions on the floors. The optical fibers are led right to the CP. The copper cables run from the CP to the RJ45 connections on the wall or at the desk. There is an ONT (Optical Network Termination) at the CP for signal conversion.

In the U-Box 4210 CP-POL format, R&M designed the U-Box housing specially to suit POLAN configurations. In this solution, the ONT is either close to or directly on the U-Box. Patch cords connect the ONT with the ports in the housing. Pre-terminated or field-terminated FO cables can be connected or cables to be spliced on pigtails. There are four RJ45 ports (Cat. 6 or Cat. 6A) available for zone cabling.

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Lars Züllig

By Lars Züllig