Patch Cords with a Cross Section of 4.5 mm from R&M

The thinLine cords from R&M feature a particularly slim-line design. They have a diameter of just 4.5 mm. The unshielded variant features twisted pair stranded cables with a diameter between AWG28 and AWG30.

6mm cable – 65 cables total

4.5mm cable – 119 cables total

thinLine cords are not just thinner and lighter, but also more flexible than conventional cables. They can be laid in tight bending radii and are easy to store in racks and cable guides – a plus for cable management in data centers.

R&M specifies thinLine cords for channels up to class E/EA and guarantees the corresponding performance. Apart from data center applications, thinLine cables can also be used in offices, home offices and apartments. Here the thin cords are easy to hide under base boards.

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Roger J. Karrer

By Roger J. Karrer