Secure fastening of Cat. 6A modules

R&M has revised the Keystone adapter for the RJ45 connection modules Cat. 6A and Cat. 6A EL. The optimized component with clamping springs and shield springs offers two decisive advantages:


  • universal compatibility and
  • a secure hold with a perfect fit in all outlets and patch panels with cut-outs in the European Keystone format in accordance with the IEC 60603-7 standard.

This gives planners, installers, and their customers advantages:

  • greater freedom of choice in designing LANs, offices, and business premises
  • one-hundred percent certainty that the network connections are stable.

Naturally the adapter also combines the shielding. Thanks to the optimized and powerful shield spring, the one-hundred percent shield termination and earthing of the RJ45 modules are also permanently ensured in a 19’’ panel. For more details take a look at the article in the customer magazine CONNECTIONS No. 51.

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Bruno Ritter

By Bruno Ritter

Product Manager