VS Compact catapults networks into the future

010.1286R&M’s time-tested VS Compact distribution system is ideally suited to use as a universal platform for expanding broadband networks with vectoring technology. The modular distribution system for copper twisted pairs connects the network operator’s FTTX solutions to the access networks in the outdoor DSLAM.

This means carriers can tap additional market potential in many locations and expand the bandwidth of an existing infrastructure over the last mile at an attractive price.


Installation in the field and connection or reconnection of the existing copper twisted pairs must be able to be carried out in a time-saving, convenient and flawless manner. VS Compact fulfills these requirements from the very beginning. The distribution system for copper twisted pairs stands out because of its quick mounting technology, unsurpassed packing density, high transmission quality and adaptability.

For more details see the article in the customer magazine CONNECTIONS No. 51 on page 34.

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Stefan Ries

By Stefan Ries