Experience Shows that Better Products = Better Choice

Data network operators must ensure comprehensive protection and resolute operational reliability: Professional planners and installers prefer safe, durable and unassailable components. Experience shows that downtime and the costs thereof are reduced when those responsible make the right choice from the very beginning. The right choice: Usually that means the better and higher-class products for setting up the LAN infrastructure.

Further arguments for top quality: In R&M’s experience, top-quality installations result in lower costs later when it comes to maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and migrations. It is imperative to view the entire lifecycle of a network (Total Cost of Ownership).

The next factor is the evaluation of the suppliers and project partners. A LAN should be planned and installed by qualified personnel. Operation, service, maintenance as well as later upgrades and migrations should also only be carried out by specialist personnel.

Project leads should take a further six cost and safety factors into consideration:

  • Planning reliability
  • Installation reliability
  • Operational reliability
  • Expansion possibilities
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance support

For example, planning reliability means: There is a complete information package available from the very beginning. This includes calls for tender, data sheets, certificates and approval documents from independent institutes. Poor documentation increases planning costs.

Installation reliability means: Assembly succeeds immediately without any errors. The personnel knows the products and handling them is routine. The partners have up-to-date knowledge at their fingertips. R&M partners gain additional expertise and security through know-how transfer. In the QPP training sessions, they gain expert first-hand knowledge.

High operational reliability is guaranteed, for example, if the complete installation uses R&M products installed in compliance with R&M’s quality stipulations. Then R&M grants a system warranty for 25 years as part of its Qualified Partner Program (QPP). If so desired, experienced R&M employees can accompany a project through the entire planning and installation phase right through to measurements for formal acceptance.

The modular principle of the R&M world facilitates any later changes and add-ons. Parts of a network can be replaced and upgraded in a flash, and new features can be added just as easily.

Data networks are subject to compliance regulations. That means: The material corresponds to the safety criteria of the company and stakeholders. Among other things, customers are given proof of RoHS and CE conformity as well as UL, GL, ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certificates. Networks that fulfill compliance regulations are very definitely the better choice.

The R&M initiative “Better connected” on www.rdm.com provides further criteria for the selection of better products and the planning of a fail-safe LAN.

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Hermann Christen

By Hermann Christen

Product Manager