Multimode Cabling for 40 Gigabits

What is happening
Internal data center traffic is increasing. Network managers are now going to have to support increased bandwidth by implementing fiber optic cables which will facilitate simplified network transformation.

To date there have been two solutions: LC Duplex with singlemode fibers (LR4) or a parallel optical solution with multimode fibers and MPO connectors (SR4). Both variants are expensive and complex. Now there is an alternative with OM5 and SWDM4.

Good to know
Advances in laser technology and multiplexing are making this possible. Now, multimode VCSELs are taking care of multiplexing on the four short wavelengths 850, 880, 910 and 940 nm (Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing, SWDM4).

The corresponding transceiver modules transmit 10 or 25 Gigabits per wavelength. This clears the way for 40 or 100 Gbit/s on a single bidirectional multimode fiber pair. The category OM5 eliminates the disadvantages of chromatic dispersion.


With OM5 and SWDM4, data center managers can opt for more favorably priced multimode cabling. R&M has already launched an entire range. The cables are easy to distinguish with their lime green color.

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Dr. Thomas Wellinger

By Dr. Thomas Wellinger

Market Manager Data Center