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Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is not the only way of supplying buildings with ultra-fast online services. Prudent telecom companies are still relying on existing copper twisted pairs which can be perfect for high-frequency signal transmission over the last mile. This becomes possible with the use of DSL technologies.

Research and development are driving DSL further and further. is following hot on the heels of VDSL and vectoring. This innovation can provide up to 500 Mbit/s over a few hundred meters. Under very good conditions, data rates of 1 Gbit/s are possible. Network operators can thus tap additional market potential in lots of places.

Good to know
The great challenge is to connect the copper wires with the DSLAM systems in the interconnection points of the last mile. This has to be able to be implemented efficiently, safely, compactly while at the same time saving costs.

There are a few obstacles to be overcome at the DSLAM locations. A high packing density of the connectivity technology is attractive as this would make it possible to serve many participants in existing cabinets. The splitters should be able to be integrated easily and selectively. The telephone network or running VDSL operation was not to be interrupted during installation and maintenance.

The VS Compact range from R&M is ideal for integrating in DSLAM locations. The table on this page provides information on the advantages of VS Compact.

  • The tried-and-tested connection modules connect up to 3600 twisted pairs per square meter (m2). VS Compact thus offers 40% greater packing density than other systems.
  • The solution enables interference-optimized unbundling and interruption-free working on the distributor.
  • VS Compact supports the combination of the decimal and binary counting of the twisted pairs.
  • Gold-plated disconnection contacts and tried-and-tested insulation displacement connections (IDC technology) guarantee safe wiring and a long life for the connections.

R&M continues to offer individual adaptations to suit every site. Experienced and accomplished consultants and application engineers help with the planning. with VS Compact from R&M may prove to be an economically interesting solution for network operators.

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By Markus Huber

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