Flexible and robust panel for campus network

Customer: University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), USA
Project: Expansion of the communication infrastructure, 2017
Application: Campus cabling, expansion and expansion of existing infrastructures, fiber optic network using ribbon fiber

The elite university must expand
Highest educational quality, exciting research, pleasant climate, great Californian beaches… for these reasons the UCSB is one of the most sought-after universities in the US. Among other things, it plays a leading role in photonics research in order to achieve faster data transmission.

The campus covers 413.6 hectares. Among other new features, an additional student residence was built. The campus was extended by an eight-hectare remote campus. Older sites and the space still available have been reserved for further new faculty buildings and student residences. The premises, laboratories and university buildings are connected with fiber optic cabling.

In order to meet the growing tasks of the university, the communication infrastructure on the extensive site was to be optimized and expanded. However, many cable ducts are occupied and offer no space for additional cables.

The department responsible for communications services continuously has to install new fiber-optic infrastructures between the sites and adapt the fiber-optic network of the previous campus buildings to the higher bandwidth requirements.

R&M is supporting the IT department in planning and implementing the network extensions. The RDS 4U panel with its splice cassettes offers the university a user-friendly platform for its fiber optic projects.

The cassettes enable clean splicing and assembly processes without interrupting other circuits. Existing panels with available capacity can be expanded with additional services.

The UCSB appreciates the user-friendly RDS 4U panel for its flexibility and robust design.

The university is now considering the use of fiber ribbon to accommodate additional fibers in the cable ducts as well as the use of MTP patching. It is also contemplating treading new paths with MPO/LC slave patch panels.

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Joshua Osuna

By Joshua Osuna