Attractive Stores at Vodafone Spain

Customer: Vodafone Spain
Project: Modernization of the Vodafone stores, 2014-2017
Application: High-performance data networks for retail outlets, shielded Cat. 6A/Cat. 7A cabling at the Point of Sale, R&M Security System

Einzigartiges EinkaufserlebnisChallenge
Vodafone Spain is modernizing its sales and is creating exclusive stores offering personalized service. There are expected to be more than 750 branches throughout Spain offering telecom customers a unique shopping experience. To achieve this, the company requires a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. This includes high-performance data networks which:

  • support both advisors and customers in the best possible way,
  • are ultra-efficient, and
  • always work reliably.

Installation and network partner Aryse Infraestructuras opted for copper cabling systems from R&M. This was the only way to fulfill the customer’s tough performance demands. “We needed the best shielded cabling solution on the market for this project,” explains Jesùs Rodriguez, Director of Aryse.

Cat. 6A connection solutions and shielded Cat. 7A cables are used in the modernization of the Vodafone stores. The R&M Security System will also be installed to simplify handling in patching and avoid operating mistakes.

The Vodafone Stores in Spain will be able to score with ultra-efficient, high-performance, fast and reliable data networks in the future. Presentations, consulting and support will be possible in a smooth fashion and will help create an exclusive shopping experience. The long-standing partnership between R&M and Aryse Infraestructuras helped ensure the all-round success of the project.

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Raúl Villarroel del Pino

By Raúl Villarroel del Pino

R&M Iberia