Citynet Wants Scalable, Reliable Solution

Customer: Citynet, Hall AG in Hall/Tirol, Austria
Project: Expansion of 3 data centers, roll-out of an FO backbone, development of node points, 2015.
Application: FTTx, regional FO network, link to data centers.

Citynet, the network branch of Hall AG, was planning to extend three data centers in Western Austria. A proprietary fiber optic backbone with several node points was to be set up between Feldkirch and Kufstein. The investment program had become necessary because the network operator is exceptionally successful and the number of customers is constantly on the increase.

For the management, the quality of the cabling and the components was paramount: “We wanted to be on the safe side for the future,” explains Maximilian Schiffner, Deputy Manager of the IT department at Citynet. It was therefore important to find a solution that can be easily expanded as requirements increase. Another aim was to establish a consistent standard in all data centers and node points to guarantee easy installation and optimized ­warehousing.

A visit to R&M in Wetzikon and a tour of the demonstration room with an extensive look at the FO cabling program R&Mfoxs ultimately helped persuade Citynet to choose R&M’s quality products. R&M’s components were an obvious choice with their numerous benefits which facilitate the installation, operation and expansion of the network.

Network operator Citynet now has an easily scalable FO infrastructure offering outstanding operational reliability. The provision of pre-terminated, factory-tested copper and FO cables considerably alleviated all installation work.

A common, consistent standard for handling and managing fiber optics was implemented at all network levels and in all new distributor sites. It is based on the 19’’ ODF CombiMODULE and the Single Circuit Management (SCM) system from R&M. Furthermore high density and thus space-saving construction of the distributors was possible.

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Stephan Hassel

By Stephan Hassel