Successful Project at Huntsman in Basel

Customer: Huntsman International LLC, Division Advanced Materials, Basel, Switzerland. Installation Partner: Schachenmann + Co. AG, also in Basel, a company in the Burkhalter Group, Zurich.
Project: New cabling and network modernization of the office and lab complex at the group site in Basel, 2015
Application: Structured office and building cabling for using Voice over IP and cloud computing. Cabling with Cat. 6A EL connection modules and Cat. 7 cables.


To consolidate the diverse activities at this chemicals site so rich in tradition, the US group Huntsman decided to put all the Basel-based divisions and departments together. A central office and lab building had to be fitted out accordingly at the start of 2015.

Newly structured building cabling was to be installed, but had to integrate existing components. Sticking to the demanding time frame and tight budget was mandatory. Ultra-fast Internet, Voice over IP and cloud computing all had to be supported.

For commissioned installer Schachenmann + Co. AG, the choice was obvious: the brand-new Cat. 6A EL module from R&M – combined with shielded Cat. 7 cables. The reason: “It met customer demands perfectly,” explain project lead Markus Kempf and operational lead Rainer Helm from Schachenmann.

This was a premiere: It was the very first time a certified R&M installation partner had installed the innovative copper connection module Cat. 6A EL in an extensive project. The module’s Easy Lock technology impressed the experts. Rainer Helm: “The module is self-explanatory.” It can be terminated immediately after a brief set of instructions on the building site without the need for any special training.


From left to right: Rainer Helm, operational lead; Markus Kempf, project lead Schachenmann + Co. AG

In the Basel pilot project, a trainee was able to wire hundreds of modules without a single error in just a few days. The signal quality and the attenuation budgets were excellent with values between 4.2 and 7.8 dB. There was no need for any rectifications. The installation met all the wishes and requirements of the customer.

“With the cabling solution from R&M and installation by Schachenmann, we ended up with exactly the infrastructure we need today,” Franco Bizzini, Head of Facility Management at Huntsman, and his IT colleague Julio Giganto.

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Paolo Iazurlo

By Paolo Iazurlo

R&M Switzerland