Optimal Infrastructure for the St. George Hospital

Customer: St. George Hospital, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, Australia
Project: Expansion of the A&E Department, construction and connection of eight communication rooms, 2017
Application: LAN cabling with 5,600 links, extended channel solutions for links longer than 100 m, Cat. 6A U/FTP 650 MHz cabling, OS2 FO cables, PowerSafe patch cords for preparation of Power over Ethernet applications
Partners: JHA Consulting Engineers, Datalec Services installation partner

The extension of the A&E Department at the St. George Hospital in the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District also entailed the expansion of the data network.

The task was to deliver cabling solutions

  • for the construction of eight new communication rooms
  • for providing horizontal copper cabling in these rooms
  • for a campus distributor with diverse fiber pathways between levels
  • for the fiber backbone between the new and existing campus distributors
  • for 487 wireless access points

With day-to-day operations to contend with, the biggest challenge for this project centered on integration into the existing building without disturbing hospital operations. Downtimes during the construction phase had to be avoided.


R&M and the local partners decided on an optimal, high-performance and future-proof infrastructure solution. With some cable runs verging on the 90-meter mark, R&M suggested using the company’s extended and tested channel solution. This allows copper links over 100 meters ensuring sufficient cable reserves.

R&M provided a Cat. 6A U/FTP 650 MHz cable as opposed to the industry standard 500 MHz. The R&M solution supports both Ethernet systems as well as the transmission of uncompressed UHD videos.

R&M also provided standard R&MPowerSafe copper patch cords with IDC technology. These will easily support future Power over Ethernet applications.

Furthermore, R&M adapted the whole solution to suit the hospital’s specific needs. Among other things, a new 2RU FOBOT was brought in. In the project which was executed expertly by Datalec Services, OS2 components, blown fiber and a voice backbone were installed along with the Cat. 6A U/FTP 650 MHz cabling.

Cables and components from R&M surpass the defined minimum standards by far. They fulfill all the hospital’s requirements. In the end, most of the 5,600 links were under 90 meters but those that exceeded that distance tested out perfectly and were covered under the R&Mfreenet lifetime application warranty.

Only the best is good enough when it comes to healthcare. And R&M satisfied this criterion to the full in the case of the St. George Hospital. With plenty of walkthroughs on site, R&M also made sure that those involved in the project were always absolutely up to date at all times. Furthermore, R&M teams on site guaranteed regular reporting as well as seamless project execution.


R&M is known for delivering innovative connectivity solutions. I am happy to say the team provided us with excellent support throughout the project.

Stan Krainovic, Technical Portfolio Manager, Information Management Services, St. George Hospital

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Laurie Katsidis

By Laurie Katsidis

R&M Australia