Complex Demands on Cabling

Customer: Fort Noks Ltd. Building & Development, Sofia
Project: Capital Fort Business Center, 2015
img6Application: Structured cabling solution for a Class A office and business center. 10GBase-T copper cabling and FO backbone with OS2 cabling. Universally usable horizontal cabling in raised floors with consolidation point concept, U-Box, 3-connector model and Power over Ethernet.

The Capital Fort Business Center in Sofia, at 126 meters high with 28 stories, is the first skyscraper in Bulgaria. The two-part building complex offers a usable space of 80 000 square meters (860 000 sq ft). It is a prestigious Class A building for which the investor, Fort Noks, needed renowned partners and a top-flight technical infrastructure. The data cabling in particular had to be of superior quality regarding safety, speed and reliability.

The greatest challenge in terms of the data cabling was the complexity of the building. The many different user areas made specific demands of the infrastructure. How were they all to be integrated in one network?

With R&M, Fort Noks selected a partner that could offer the right expertise, the best service and top-quality products in all project phases. The experience of the local R&M team was helpful in the consulting and project planning stages.

R&M realized a classic topology. The structured cabling solution distinguishes itself by easily mastering the complex demands made of it. An FO backbone and shielded horizontal 10GBase-T copper cabling form the basis.

The areas on the stories are connected with consolidation points in the raised floor. This is where the 3-connector model is used. The U-Box from R&M’s Office Cabling program is used as a universal platform for the consolidation points. It bundles communication, data and power cabling distributing it to workstations, office devices and other applications. R&M configured the boxes to suit the individual areas. Their construction alleviates later adaptations when users make changes to rooms and spaces or the number of workstations is to be increased.

Furthermore, the R&M cabling enables the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE). This makes it possible to supply power to low-voltage applications (access control systems, surveillance cameras, alarm systems) over the data network. This reduces the cost of power cabling.

The Capital Fort Business Center has a good chance of becoming a new landmark in the Bulgarian capital – both in terms of architecture and in terms of infrastructure.

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Lyubomir Alipiev

By Lyubomir Alipiev

R&M Bulgaria