Network for Air Traffic Control Center

Customer: NAV Portugal, E.P.E., Lisbon, Portugal
Partner: Telcabo, Telecomunicações e Electricidade, SA., Alenquer, Portugal
Project: Local data network for air traffic control center on the island of Santa Maria, 2015.
Application: Customized structured cabling for high-security applications.

NAV Portugal has two air traffic control centers, one in Lisbon and one in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. The latter is the Oceanic Control Centre on the island of Santa Maria. To carry out its mission in full, NAV Portugal has a considerable amount of equipment and many technical installations. These include: radar, radio and communication stations.

Installations for the local data network were necessary to ensure the infrastructure in the control center on the island of Santa Maria remained state of the art, secure and safe. The cabling was to take place as quickly as possible and guarantee top reliability.

After a public call for tender, R&M was chosen to provide cabling solutions – together with Telcabo as prime contractor and installer. A customized configuration with special specifications for operational reliability was planned for the project. In total, the cabling of the NAV control center took three months.

Project manager and graduate engineer José Veiga from Telcabo: “We implement the R&M solutions we consider suitable, ensuring highest quality levels. R&M took care of the specifications from the outset and we are extremely satisfied with the results.” And graduate engineer Eduardo Ferreira, IT Manager at NAV, confirms: “R&M cabling solutions are highly reliable for data communications, a crucial factor in the air traffic control business.”

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Paulo Pinto

By Paulo Pinto