Automated Infrastructure Management for UBS

Customer: Investor group and UBS Group
Project: City of London, new building at 5 Broadgate, 2015-2016.
Application: Automated infrastructure management (AIM), network monitoring in real time, 3D modeling & rendering of network infrastructure.

Images copyright John Madden and may not ne copied, transmitted or reproduced without permission of photographer

Images copyright John Madden and may not ne copied, transmitted or reproduced without permission of photographer

Among other things 3 000 km of cable, 63 000 Class EA links and more than 125 000 ports were installed in the new building at 5 Broadgate, headquarters of financial service provider UBS in the City of London. How could the endless information on the structured cabling and the current status of the data network be documented and evaluated in a sensible way? Management and documentation of network connectivity are among the biggest challenges in such systems.

The project partners were looking for an infrastructure management system that was reliable, high-performance, scalable and easy to use. In addition to 5 Broadgate, the system would also have to enable documentation of the infrastructure of other office buildings and data centers.

With the support of the R&MinteliPhy Competence Center, the engineers of British R&M partner Redstone Converged Solutions Ltd. got to work. While the cabling was being installed, they developed a complete digital image of the network on the R&MinteliPhy server for 5 Broadgate – the basis for fully automated infrastructure management. They documented the configuration of what were initially more than 500 racks. The racks were equipped with the monitoring hardware of the R&MinteliPhy system.
Furthermore the customer was given a re-branding of R&MinteliPhy to match the company’s in-house corporate design. Special templates and reports were also developed.

UBS project manager Robin Holmes is delighted with the results: “R&M, together with service partner Redstone, flexibly fulfilled all our customization requests.”

Users particularly appreciate the three-dimensional visualization of the network infrastructure (3D modeling and rendering). This R&MinteliPhy feature makes it easy to keep track of the system and provides realistic three-dimensional views of the installations.

The project 5 Broadgate in the City of London proves that:

  • R&MinteliPhy offers a robust solution for infrastructure management. It meets the sophisticated demands of financial service providers.
  • R&M and its service partners have the resources necessary to construct the server and create a precise digital image of a complex network infrastructure.
  • The R&MinteliPhy software can be adapted to the specific needs of an individual customer.
  • R&MinteliPhy can be scaled freely so that even the very largest networks can be documented.

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Geoff Dear

By Geoff Dear