Precisely Planned Modernization for the Air Navigation Services Agency

Customer: Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), Poland
Project: Cabling for LAN and CZRL Data Center in Air Traffic Management Center, Warsaw, 2018


How can a LAN be modernized fast without disturbing operations? And how can the new cabling be accommodated in existing, narrow cabinets and conduits? The Polish R&M partners Telpom and S&T had to find an answer to just that question.

It was their task to exchange the network infrastructure on the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) premises in entirety and modernize the backbone network. Among other things, the CZRL Data Center processes the operating data of the Air Traffic Management Center, making high demands of security.

Planning and organizational skills

S&T took on the job as a general contractor and commissioned Telpom to carry out the work. Telpom is the installation company of experienced Polish partner Rudolf Pomper certified by R&M. PANSA resolutely relies on Swiss quality from R&M, for example at Kraków Airport.

First of all the planners of the Warsaw project proved that R&M’s High-Density platform fits in narrow cabinets – both for copper and for fiber optic cabling. For this purpose, they put the cabling into groups each with 12 links. The numbering of the module holders was prepared accordingly but had to be adapted at short notice. This took place without any delivery delays.

The greatest challenge was to coordinate the working steps on site and the punctual delivery of cables and components. Modernization of the older infrastructures was seen as a complex task. But the customer was not prepared to accept any incidents or delays.

The necessary working steps and resources were determined beforehand. This was followed by accurate measurements. Based on this preparatory work, the partners drafted a detailed execution plan. For example, they were able to determine the link lengths precisely. With this information, they were able to prepare the cables accordingly and lay them directly between the connection points.


Precise preparation, organizational skills, and professional execution all played their part in the task being completed correctly.

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Piotr Kiejno

By Piotr Kiejno