Network for Music and Communication Center

Customer: City of Montreux, Switzerland
Project: New cabling of Music & Convention Center, installation of Communication & Data Center with 52 distribution nodes, 2011-2013
Application: Data network, audio/visual and broadcasting infrastructure for event location and congress center as well as for a communication center. Connection to Internet, broadcasting (Sat, TV, radio), storage system and research network. Fiber-optic technology and shielded copper cabling for 10 to 50 Gbit/s via Ethernet or wavelength division multiplexing.

Without putting a halt to business, the City of Montreux modernized the technical equipment of its Music & Convention Center, which, among other things, hosts the Montreux Jazz Festival, in a number of stages between 2011 and 2013. A Communication & Data Center was set up next to it to support the cultural and multimedia activities of the city. The LAN had to fulfill the highest demands as the concerts are broadcast throughout the world and at the same time digitally archived.

The digital sound and image transmission places very special demands on the quality of the connectors and cabling. Signal transmission has to be extremely low-noise and the lines must not fail under any circumstances. The installations had to take place quickly and flexibly between the events and concerts.

“It is the most significant legacy of music history.” Jazz producer and musician Quincy Jones talking about the Montreux Sounds Digital Project and the archive of festival founder Claude Nobs.

“It is the most significant legacy
of music history.”
Jazz producer and musician Quincy Jones
talking about the Montreux Sounds
Digital Project and the archive of festival
founder Claude Nobs.

Product quality, convenience of installation and quick installation technology, flexible logistics and customer-oriented project management were the compelling arguments of the solution offered by R&M. Furthermore, the fiber optic and copper cabling systems from R&M were perfectly suited to the multifunctional tasks of the networks in the Montreux Music & Convention Centre and in the new Communication & Data Center (CDC). Because

  • they not only broadcast the concerts, but also support
  • the city’s data processing
  • the security and building installations
  • the link to telecommunications and IT providers
  • the link to TV, radio, Internet broadcasting
  • the link to hotels and local event partners
  • backup and digital archiving of the events

Among other things, Cédric Rolli from CR Network planned custom network cabinets for the CDC. A special cabinet is available for every major event in the Music & Convention Center. In total, the Communication & Data Center has 52 distribution nodes wired using a top-of-rack approach. The availability rate of the CDC corresponds with the requirements of the TIER 3 Data Center standard. For more information see our [Video].

Montreux now has a high-end infrastructure that not only transmits the legendary jazz concerts to all media channels in best signal quality. Pierre-Yves Nussbaum – Head of IT and Audiovisual Technology at the Montreux Music & Convention Center – was able to see his vision come to life with a clear-cut, well-conceived network design. A large number of functions can be integrated. Technical coordinator Jean-Paul Chabert: “I was immediately convinced by the IDC technology from R&M. It is ideal for our needs in the concert business because it is vibration proof. The copper and fiber optic products are of first-rate quality.”

Mayor Laurent Wehrli: “The new communication center enables services with which we can set ourselves apart from the competition. With this new technology and infrastructure, we can now position Montreux as a top international venue for this sector. That helps us attract new clients to Montreux time and again for congresses and for cultural and art events.”

Montreux Sounds Digital Project

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