Cabling for tight spaces

The Valais Hospital Group (Spital Wallis) had planned a fail-safe, redundant IT infrastructure for the entire organization of the regional healthcare provider. The 5000 employees should be able to access the 8000 devices in the hospital data network at all times. For this purpose, the existing data center in Sion was to be extended and a second redundant data center was to be built in Sierre.

DSC03100Furthermore, an ingenious cabling solution that could be used in tight spaces was required for the data center in Sion. The infrastructure had to ensure top performance for data transmission, maximum operational reliability and options for future applications.

“R&M offered top service from A-Z, from consulting services to certification.”
Yohann Eyer, Telecom Manager at Spital Wallis

Together with R&M, the project partners developed structured cabling on the basis of
the data center systems of R&M. The performance of the multi-fiber connectivity with MPO connectors in particular was compelling. R&M supported the meticulous planning, helped by its experience from numerous data center projects.

DSC03122The necessary infrastructure was set up with a handful of basic components: pre-assembled trays, racks and trunk cables. A pragmatic solution was also found for the limited space in Sion. Copper and FO infrastructure were laiid separately. The FO cabling runs above the racks in the R&M Raceway System. The copper cabling is fed in under the raised floor.

The Valais Hospital Group (Spital Wallis) now has future-proof cabling in its two data centers. The flexibly scalable cabling systems help to keep investment steps clear-cut. The well-thought-out network set-up simplifies additions and maintenance procedures. MPO technology opens up all possible opportunities for new applications and for the move toward data transmission with 40 or 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

The quality of the products and fast, customer-oriented service as well as the subsequent certification by R&M ensured satisfied customers at the Valais Hospital Group (Spital Wallis).

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Walter Kurzen

By Walter Kurzen

R&M Switzerland