Not much space – special solutions required

Customer: GWG Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft München mbH, Munich, Germany
Project: FO connections and provision of broadband on the Maikäfer estate, 2015
Application: FTTH, fiber optic and coax cabling

Munich-based housing company GWG wanted to provide modern living quality and equal digital opportunities in areas that are home to people with lower incomes. This is why the Maikäfer estate was to be given fast Internet access with state-of-the-art technology. And that meant a solution involving FTTH. The challenges were:

  • to connect existing cabling systems in the apartments, such as cable TV, with new connection
  • to position the connections in tight distributor boxes
  • to find an efficient way of being able to quickly set up the perfect configuration in every building
  • to find a new way of directly addressing the individual subscriber connections during installation because the apartments were to be wired without a link with a sign-on procedure


R&M Venus Boxes of type FXXL-SCM were used as building entry points. The flexible, modular concept of the Venus Box made it possible to find the corresponding configuration of splice and patch units for every building in next to no time.

The multimedia distributor boxes in the apartments offered little space for additional components. The technicians from installation partner Neumeier, Hegmann & Co. implemented their entire technical know-how to pack the circuit engineering into the distributor boxes. The flat construction of the 22 mm high R&M fiber outlet proved to be an advantage. The quick mounting technology of the fiber outlet simplified difficult connectivity issues.

The easy-to-use tray technology of the R&M Single Circuit Management (SCM) system provided the technicians with optimal support in their tasks of addressing the individual subscriber connections directly during installation.

When the FTTH network was launched, 430 households immediately opted in on the scheme. Another 200 households are to follow. If it should transpire that 3 Mbit/s is not sufficient, tenants can upgrade their connection at any time at a favorable price.

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Andreas Donhauser

By Andreas Donhauser