NOS Comunicações Opts for FTTH

Customer: NOS Comunicações, S.A., Lisbon, Portugal.
Project: Merger of networks and nationwide FTTH roll out, 2014-2016.

NOS Comunicações S.A. has ambitious goals. Herminio Moutinho from the NOS Infra­structures Management Department summarizes the company’s ongoing projects in one sentence: “It’s not by chance that we have revolutionized tele­communications in ­Portugal.”

NOS wants to provide its business and private customers with the fastest, safest and most innovative­

  • Internet
  • cable
  • fixed line and
  • mobile communications services

on the market. For this purpose, all networks of the company group, formed in a merger in 2014, were to be united in a robust, integrated sys­tem. This would entail modernizing hubs, distributors and network nodes.

At the same time, NOS would extend its FO networks in cities and rural areas. As many customers as possible were to be supplied with the latest FTTH technology.

During project development, consulting and planning partner SDT electrónica S.A. recommended collaboration with an experienced cabling specialist. The aim was to ensure that everything came from one source and that high network operational reliability was guaranteed. R&M was first choice.

“SDT and R&M have helped us supply the latest generation of communications resulting in fast, robust and high-capability solutions our customers can rely on,” says Herminio Moutinho from the NOS Infra­structures Management Department.

The close cooperation between R&M and SDT contributed to the project’s success, highlighting R&M’s flexibility to adapt products to the specific needs of each case.

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Luís Alves

By Luís Alves

R&M Portugal