R&M Supports the Saraya Aqaba Project

Customer: Eagle Hills / Saraya Aqaba Real Estate Development Co. PSC
Partner: Optimiza – Al-Faris National Investment Group, Jordan
Project: Saraya Aqaba Resort, 2016
Application: Fiber To The Home (FTTH) for apartments, hotels, leisure and tourism facilities.

Comfort and convenience are top priority for the project planners of the Saraya Aqaba Resort. Guests, customers and residents of the lagoon town, covering 634 000 square meters, should be able to enjoy state-of-the-art facilities. They were to be treated to a top-quality lifestyle. Today this naturally includes secure, sturdy and multi-purpose FO cabling.

For this project, the investors were looking for a partner who could do more than just deliver top-quality cabling systems. They wanted the partner to share its technical expertise and accompany the FTTH project from the planning stage through to the commissioning of the FO infrastructure.

The infrastructure supplies more than 850 residential units, four world-class, 5-star hotels as well as a shopping and entertainment district. Fast Internet, telephony, TV, control and security systems as well as other services had to be integrated. Initially, the network was to provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet. At the same time, it was to provide the opportunity to quickly increase the transmission speed fourfold without any changes to the cabling infrastructure.

Together with Jordanian project and installation partner Optimiza, R&M developed a cabling solution which corresponds to the sophisticated demands of the Saraya Aqaba Resort.

The entire premises was networked using GPON technology. Every building was given an FO connection. All facilities were thus given broadband connectivity. The Cat. 6 copper cabling system from R&M was used for the horizontal cabling in the buildings.

Customized switch cabinets form the basis of smart home solutions. The cabinets accommodate the copper cable and FO connection as well as the ONT systems of the service provider.

Thanks to market-leading cabling solutions and the expertise of R&M partner Optimiza, Saraya Aqaba has a future-proof hardware and network infrastructure with which state-of-the-art communication services can be made available.

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Mohammad Sweidan

By Mohammad Sweidan