An FTTH Pioneer in Austria

Customer: Expert Adolf Nöhmer GmbH & Co. KG, Austria
Project: FO network for the municipality of Schörfling, 2007-2013
Application: Fiber to the Home with ODF, street cabinets and splice modules from R&M, hybrid solutions with coax cabling and fiber optics

The municipality Schörfling am Attersee – around 50 km east of Salzburg in Austria – has long since been a part of the future. Since 2007, private households and farms have gradually been connected to an FO network. Today the network has 4000 subscribers. The driving force behind this development is the local company Expert Nöhmer, a pioneer when it comes to providing broadband to rural areas.

New solutions had to be found for the distribution sites due to the extensive network expansion. The list of requirements included:

  • greater packing density
  • simple, time-saving installation
  • combination with existing coax cabling

R&M’s FTTx solutions met Expert Nöhmer’s catalog of requirements to a tee. As did its performance and its operational readiness which greatly impressed the Austrian family company.

Tailored to the requirements of Expert Nöhmer, R&M provided an Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) from the FTTH complete system R&Mfoxs. Street cabinets and splice modules completed the range for establishing the FO network.

“Farmers can now control milking machines using the Internet.” Gerhard Nöhmer, Junior Director, Adolf Nöhmer GmbH & Co. KG

“Farmers can now control milking machines using the Internet.”
Gerhard Nöhmer, Junior Director, Adolf Nöhmer GmbH & Co. KG

Network operator Expert Nöhmer has an end-to-end, installation-friendly cabling system at its disposal. The company can implement a coherent distributor and connector solution from the main distributor frame to the houses and farms.

Alongside the high packing density in the distributors, the system enables a combination with coax cabling as well as flexible subscriber management. This means new connections and any required changes can be executed quickly and easily.

Schörfling and the surrounding municipalities are now perfectly equipped to offer their inhabitants and visitors more than just beautiful scenery in the future – namely the fastest FO network in the region.


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Stephan Hassel

By Stephan Hassel