Modular FTTH Solution from R&M

050.6291Customer: Kommunikationsnetz Däniken AG, Däniken, Switzerland
Project: Full-coverage FTTH provision and integration of two providers, 2015-2020.
Partner: Wiedmann-Dettwiler Comtec AG, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
Application: FTTx and FTTH expansion with four fibers for every subscriber, distribution via Optical Distribution Frame (ODF).

The community of Däniken and its local network operator Kommunikationsnetz Däniken AG have been pursuing a clear goal for a number of years. They want to provide their residents with a communication infrastructure which is as efficient and future-proof as possible. By 2020 each of the 1300 households should be connected to an FTTH fiber optic network because the need for transmission capacity is increasing all the time.

The particular challenge is to integrate different providers in the local network. The community wanted to avoid the providers building their own networks. The node points of the two providers active in the community are a few hundred meters apart. To be able to integrate them, a flexible solution had to be found for the POP (Point of Presence) of Kommunikationsnetz Däniken AG.

The cabling concept recommended by R&M with a modular Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) in the POP proved to be the optimal solution. Project lead Peter Kohler from Wiedmann-Dettwiler Comtec AG: “The sophisticated solution convinced us from the outset because of its great transparency, flexibility and excellent value for money.”

The installation engineers from Wiedmann-Dettwiler Comtec AG can carry out the patching reliably without moving the fibers thanks to the clip-in quick mounting technology of the ODF. And the ODF cabinet is easy to extend thanks to the modular structure. Network capacity can thus be adapted at any time to suit increasing demands as well as the number of customers of the relevant provider.



“The R&M solution had key advantages in comparison to competitor products.”

Peter Kohler, project lead, Wiedmann-Dettwiler Comtec AG


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Thomas De Steffani

By Thomas De Steffani