Etisalat sets FTTH Standard

Customer: Etisalat Group, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Project: Expansion and increase in quality in the FTTH network, since 2017
Application: FTTH, patch-free and maintenance-free underground fiber distribution hub units

In the UAE, 94.3 % of all network subscribers already have an FO connection. A significant amount of the FTTH infrastructure is provided by Etisalat. The multinational carrier is driving the digital future forward in its domestic market, something which has made it possible for the carrier to take a leading role in FTTH coverage worldwide. With the resolute implementation of innovative products, Etisalat is setting a standard in the telecommunication sector.

Currently the carrier’s focus is on expanding the FTTH network and further improving its quality. For this reason, the enterprise was looking for reliable, scalable and flexible FO systems. A further goal was to find a sturdy replacement for street cabinets as their maintenance was simply too time-consuming.

Today, Etisalat works according to the principle of “set and forget”. That means: Ideally a cable should be left alone once it has been installed. If changes are necessary, they should be able to be implemented with as little effort as possible. This is why maintenance-free systems have to be used.

This was made possible by deploying the SYNO dome closure from R&M. The gel cold sealing of the SYNO dome closure fulfills the criteria of protection class IP68, the highest degree of imperviousness in the industry. And this makes it ideal for use in the harsh environment and climate conditions of the UAE.

What is more, it is completely maintenance-free. At the same time, the modular nature of the R&M platforms allows technicians to make modifications to the connections very easily, and with minimal risk to services of other customers.

With the SYNO dome closure from R&M, Etisalat has now been able to move the critical fiber distribution hub units underground. This is not only more attractive, but it also considerably reduces civil engineering costs. The patch-free cabling solution eliminates the possibility of tampering and unintentional disconnection of cables. The reliability and availability of connections increase both for private and commercial customers.

Thanks to the support from technology partners such as R&M, the UAE continue to be able to occupy a leading position worldwide in future-proof FTTH projects.

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Ali Manzoor

By Ali Manzoor

R&M Saudi Arabia