High Availability for the Best of Health

Customer: University Hospital Basel
Partner: A4P.ch (project management), Alpiq InTec Switzerland (installation)
Project: New data center for the university hospital, 2015-2017A4P_CH-GMBH-LOGO-BIG
Application: specialized data center infrastructure for clinic and research, set up with standard products, Cat. 6A copper cabling, multimode cabling.

The projectDruck
The diagnostic and therapeutic methods used at the University Hospital Basel are all state of the art. The close collaboration with research and external partners generates massive amounts of data. The University Hospital Basel had to renew its existing server infrastructure as its data center was no longer at the cutting edge of technology. The new data center was to fulfill the highest of demands, particularly in terms of high availability and redundancy. Ultimately there will be two data centers at different locations.

050.6447The solution
To put a congruent solution from one source into practice, R&M was already involved in the planning and concept phase. R&M was a dedicated solution provider right through to acceptance and is accompanying the customer during network operation.050.6448

Due to the expertise of and input from R&M, the cabling infrastructure was fast and easy to implement and certainly saved considerable space. It has a high port density and will be easy to scale in the future. The initial configuration consists of:

  • 600 copper ports with Cat. 6A ISO modules
  • Pre-terminated six-way shielded Cat. 6A trunks
  • 1152 multimode FO connections with MPO connectivity technology and LC trays, also delivered pre-terminated
  • 60 meters of R&M fiber raceway cable guides

The installation work was carried out by Alpiq InTec Switzerland – in this case too, very reliable, at a high standard and on schedule.

161216_USB_45The results
Project lead Christian Giddey from A4P.ch was impressed by the R&M products: “I find it impressive that such a challenging project can be implemented to this high degree of quality with standard products. That illustrates that R&M’s range is perfectly tailored to market requirements.”

Roger Liniger, departmental head at the University Hospital Basel, reports: “The collaboration with R&M was awesome; 161216_USB_57the company really took our needs into consideration. We benefited a lot from the expertise and experience R&M brought into the project. The result is a solution that perfectly corresponds to our needs.” 050.6449

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Matthias Kummer

By Matthias Kummer