Customer: Servizo Galego de Saúde, SERGAS, health authority of the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain.    

Project: Modernization and expansion of data networks of hospitals in cooperation with the health authority and regional installation partners and system integrators, from 2017. 

Applications: Clinic cabling, structured building cabling, anti-bacterial cabling.  

The health authority of Galicia (SERGAS) has decided to modernize and extend the hospital networks. For this purpose, the authority is starting independent projects throughout the region. Select partners and system integrators are being commissioned to maintain the buildings and install suitable cabling.  

The individual construction companies decide which products best suit the particular requirements. But the government is nevertheless striving for standardized installations which are sure to last long term.  

Based on its experience in previous successful projects, SERGAS has opted for continuous collaboration with R&M, with the company becoming the preferred supplier of modern clinic infrastructure 

Local installers are taking care of the projects as certified R&M partners. They have the required expertise to provide the very best quality in assembly. Furthermore, R&M provides a 25-year system warranty.  

Galicia will be able to implement the modernization of the cabling in the individual hospitals fast and with identical solutions. SERGAS can rely on the top-quality cabling long-term.  

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Raúl Villarroel del Pino

By Raúl Villarroel del Pino

R&M Iberia