A Pioneering Project in Poland Opts for R&M Solution

Customer: Data Techno Park sp. z o.o., Wrocław, Poland. Installation partner: IST Intertrading Systems Technology sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland.
Project: Medical Center for Data Processing MCDP, Wrocław, Poland, 2015.
Application: High Density data center cabling and structured office cabling. Use of Cat. 6A and fiber optic solutions.

Poland is in future opting for digitalization and e-health to provide the population with the best possible medical care. One important component is the Medical Center for Data Processing MCDP in Wrocław – also known as the itQ Data Center. The first unit was brought on line in June 2015. The MCDP was designed for numerous functions. It not only has to fulfill medical, scientific and administrative tasks. It also supports communication between doctors and patients and undertakes secure data storage for clinics and health services.

The MCDP needs a particularly robust and compact network for these diverse tasks. The cabling needed to be as reliable as possible, because the data center has to be available around the clock. Long-term planning required the IT infrastructure to offer virtually unlimited expansion options.


The MCDP’s operator chose a Cat. 6A and fiber optic solution from R&M. The High Density (HD) components from the data center portfolio proved to be advantageous and ideally suited to the task. First of all, 93 HD patch panels and 85 UniRack distribution platforms were installed, along with 40 km of Cat. 6A cable and 8 km of fiber optic cable.

R&M initially equipped 64 network cabinets with passive and active components, as well as ensuring high-performance network cabling in the operator’s offices. Confidence in R&M as a reliable partner with a strong market position in Poland was also a key factor and bodes well for further development.

The Medical Center for Data Processing, MCDP, in Wrocław was able to start up as the first integrated e-health center in Central and Eastern Europe. The pioneering project is the largest of its kind in Poland and one of the most modern medical data centers in the world. It can be further extended at any time, because R&M’s modular cabling system can grow along with the expansion. An extension to 512 network cabinets is planned.

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Maciej Krajewski

By Maciej Krajewski

R&M Poland