R&M Fulfills Customer Requirements Immediately

Customer: Colt Group S.A., UK/CH
Project: Construction and connection of a replacement route, 2016
Application: High performance FO networks, metro networks, interconnection points, connection and distribution using R&M SYNO gel dome closure.

Colt Group S.A. maintains data and communication networks for sophisticated services. The company operates its own metro networks, which are based on fiber optics, and also buys itself into other specific networks over interconnection points. But a third-party supplier surprisingly terminated a rented route at a site in Switzerland. Colt needed a solution at very short notice, and one which would last long term. The aim was to have alternative cabling fulfilling exclusive performance requirements that could be combined immediately with existing infrastructures.

This was to be the debut for the R&M SYNO gel dome closure. R&M and Colt created a pragmatic plan for the substitute route that could be implemented quickly. And this was the first time the SYNO dome closure was used. It took just a few days to set up the alternative FO network using the SYNO dome closure. The installers’ work was straightforward thanks to the logical construction of the closure. And there was no need for extra training.

The modular system of the SYNO dome closure eliminates the laborious task of threading the fiber optic cable through the bottom of the closure. This meant the technicians could work faster than would normally have been the case.

Stéphane Gottraux, Manager of Service Delivery and Customer Experience at Colt:

“I find the Swissness of R&M solutions compelling. Products from R&M satisfy customers’ needs better than those of the competition.“

Here he defined Swissness as familiar Swiss precision, reliability and being able to deploy user-friendly technology. The customer sees the investment in the new closures as an investment in the future and in its future collaboration with R&M.

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Thomas De Steffani

By Thomas De Steffani