Lack of Space in Cable Ducts Solved

Partners: Allegiance Supply Inc., Encinitas, California, USA
Project: Promoting the sale of R&M FO products in the US, consolidation of FO networks of US federal authorities.
Products used: Ribbon fiber cables, 4RU universal housing for splice trays, pre-stubbed 3RU panel

Federal authorities and military bases on the US West Coast are extending their FO network. Many of the cable ducts are virtually full. They require high-density cable systems to be able to extend and modernize their infrastructures in spite of a lack of space.

The distribution technology also has to fulfill several requirements. Among other things the authorities require universal platforms that can be implemented immediately, featuring characteristics such as:

  • high transmission performance and port density
  • fast installation, simple maintenance
  • minimal human resources
  • cost-effective products

The new R&M QPP partner in California, Allegiance Supply Inc., is promoting the sale of R&M FO products in the US. As a supplier to the federal authorities and the military, it can now offer the ideal cabling solutions.

Allegiance thus helps state customers upgrade to R&M platforms fast with ribbon fiber technology as this solves space issues in the cable ducts. In ribbon cables, the fibers lie next to each other in the shape of a ribbon. They contain 30 % to 40 % more fibers with the same cable outside diameter as single fiber cables.

Allegiance offers connectivity solutions such as the 4RU universal housing and 3RU panel. The 4RU universal housing accepts three different cartridge footprints. This allows greater flexibility in planning installations. Customers’ stocking requirements for network accessories are reduced. Allegiance supplies the 3RU panel pre-stubbed thanks to the collaboration with R&M USA. Both human resources requirements and installation time are reduced. The effort and time involved in splicing and testing on site are halved.

Allegiance Supply, a certified R&M QPP partner, successfully resolves US military requirements with R&M’s products.

Much of this success can be attributed to the merits of founder and military veteran John McKinley. R&M’s ability to customize unique solutions in a short time also helps him in his sales activities.

Thanks to partners like Allegiance Supply, R&M’s offerings will continue to gain traction and be “ready for duty”.

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Joshua Osuna

By Joshua Osuna