The ABC Group follows tradition and chooses innovation

Customer: ABC Group, Lebanon
Partners: Q BRANDS Sàrl
Project: Shopping Mall ABC Verdun, Beirut, Lebanon, 2017
Application: Multifunctional LAN for shopping mall, fiber optic backbone and Cat. 7/Cat. 6A cabling, LAN infrastructure for shops, security systems, digital signage, building and parking management

Exceptional mall in the heart of Beirut

Left: Mohammad Sweidan, R&M Levant, Africa & Kuwait; right: Antoine Abi Nassif, General Manager QBRANDS Sàrl

Once again, the ABC Group is a pioneer in the Lebanese retail market. In mid-2017, it opened the exceptional ABC Verdun shopping mall in the heart of Beirut. Curved shapes and glass elements make the architecture an experience. On six levels, the mall is home to more than 200 shops, fashion boutiques, concept stores, movie theaters, around 30 restaurants and cafés. The top address for urban shopping is also distinguished by its groundbreaking data network.

With its 75-year-old tradition of innovation, ABC attached great importance to providing customers with a future-oriented shopping experience in the new shopping mall as well. That is why ABC wanted to invest in a state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure.

The network was to serve as a platform for the sophisticated services of the shopping mall. ABC wanted to integrate many functions into a single LAN: Internet, POS systems in the shops, surveillance cameras, digital signage, the building management system (BMS) and parking management for 1,700 parking spaces.

The ABC Group chose Q BRANDS Sàrl as project partner and R&M as cabling supplier. The decisive factors were R&M’s customer friendliness and good reputation, the quality of its products, its sophisticated service offering and its 25-year system warranty.

The partners used Cat. 7 S/FTP cables with Cat. 6A outlets for networking the stores. The surveillance cameras are connected via high-quality Cat. 6 cables. The copper cabling is connected to a fiber optic backbone based on OM3 fiber optic cables.

For the fiber optic installation, the partners used field-assembled FO field connectors from R&M. This made it possible to establish the connections in less than a minute, which significantly reduced installation time.

Antoine Abi Nassif, General Manager of Q BRANDS Sàrl, says: “After several years of hard work, we have achieved great success with R&M in Lebanon… R&M fully supported us in all our requirements. R&M’s products fully meet customer expectations and meet the high Swiss quality standards.”

R&M’s products fully meet customer expectations and meet the high Swiss quality standards.
Antoine Abi Nassif, General Manager, Q BRANDS Sàrl


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Mohammad Sweidan

By Mohammad Sweidan