Global business services with Cat. 6

Customer: ABB India Ltd., Bangalore, India and ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland
Project: Network infrastructure for construction of ABB Global Business Services, 2016-2017.
Application: On-site cabling with Cat. 6 copper infrastructure and OM3 fiber optic backbone for using 10 Gigabit Ethernet.


The ABB Group is pursuing an integrated strategy in order to construct a modern, global business service organization. With the launch of a pioneering project in Bangalore, creation of this organization is picking up pace. This project includes a backend system that will provide jobs for more than 1000 people from 2017.

When it comes to workplace networking and connection to the group as a whole, ABB will need a new cabling infrastructure. The group wanted an exceptionally reliable solution that could be used throughout the campus and would support a transmission rate of 10 GbE.

The solution provided by R&M India is based on proven Cat. 6 copper cabling technology. Its primary function is to connect the workplaces. The cabling system can be used in the same way across the entire site, which makes installation, administration and maintenance much easier. This structured cabling delivers the desired channel performance and boasts exceptional failure safety.

OM3 fiber optic cabling is also being used as a backbone. The R&M security system supports fault-free cable management and patching and protects ports against dust.

The cables are ideally suited to high bandwidths and the time needed to install R&M’s tool-free connection modules is minimal. Thanks to these features, R&M could be sure that all the necessary specifications and project deadlines could be complied with.

Satish Balakrishnan, Information Systems Country Manager at ABB India, adds: “The quality of all the components for the copper and fiber optic cabling was an important factor. R&M proved to be the most suitable supplier for our requirements. We were won over by the quality of the products and the future-proof solution on offer. The operational support we received throughout the project also helped build an excellent business relationship.”

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Rajesh Rajan

By Rajesh Rajan

R&M India