Fischer Sports Relies on R&Mfreenet

Customer: Fischer-Mukachevo Ltd., Ukraine

Partner: Synergia SE, Ukraine

Project: Modernization of the local data network for production and administration during operation, 2016

Application: Industrial LAN and office LAN, shielded Cat. 5e copper cabling, 534 ports, 14 distribution points, 22 km installation cable.

The Ukrainian/Austrian enterprise Fischer-Mukachevo Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of products for Alpine and Nordic skiing, as well as hockey sticks both for the Ukrainian market and for export purposes. The reliable IT infrastructure along with stable finances and a strong brand are the cornerstones of the company’s long-term success and efficient business processes.

To be able to continue to guarantee this success, the entire company network at the production site had to be modernized. But the installation was to take place during operation.

Fischer-Mukachevo required a cabling system which was particularly stable and had outstanding reserves. Because the network not only incorporates the offices but also the production area, an area well known for its extreme infrastructure and challenging environmental conditions. More than half of the new cabling was to be implemented in the production area.


The R&Mfreenet solution was chosen because it shows the best correlation with complicated project targets and requirements 

says Yosyp Sich, Head Computer Service and Communications Department.

The shielded Cat. 5e network comprises 534 copper ports, 24 patch panels, 14 distribution points, connecting conductors and patch cords. Standard cables totaling around 22 km were also laid.

The project was realized in three phases so as not to interrupt production.

The project was accomplished in just six months. The modernization of the data network was completed without any interruption to the production process.

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Olga Tysyachnyuk

By Olga Tysyachnyuk