An iconic Skyscraper for Lyon


  • Investor: Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes (CERA), Lyon, France
  • Developer: Sogelym Dixence, groupe privé à capital familial, Lyon, France
  • Installation partner: Côte S.a.s., Les Roches-De-Condrieu, France

Project: Tour Incity, Lyon, 2012-2015.
Application: Structured building cabling for connecting 39 office floors in two phases with Cat. 6A / Class EA. Connecting offices with Consolidation Points (CP). Preparation of network monitoring with R&MinteliPhy.

Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes (CERA) was planning an iconic office complex for the La Part-Dieu business district of Lyon. At 200 meters in height, the Tour Incity was to become the third-highest building in France. And CERA wanted it to be the first skyscraper to be awarded the French low-energy label BBC.

The concept for office equipment and IT infrastructure was just as ambitious. Efficiency, elegant design, outstanding performance, innovative and reliable technology. These were just some of the stipulations made by owner CERA, developer Sogelym Dixence and installation partner Côte S.a.s.. The aim was to connect 2700 workstations on 39 floors in two phases with a Cat. 6A / Class EA copper infrastructure. Intelligent future use scenarios were also to be taken into consideration.

Based on the LAN cabling program R&Mfreenet, R&M France and the French R&M partners developed a top-quality, customized network solution. CERA itself is using 20 floors of the building which are being connected on the basis of a Consolidation Point (CP) infrastructure.

A major advantage of the CP solution: Computer and telephone connections are easy to replug in just a few simple steps. The financial experts can rearrange their workstations at any time.

The distributors are already prepared for using the network monitoring system R&MinteliPhy. This means LAN administration can be automated at a later date.

Shielded cabling (Cat. 7, S/FTP) guarantees the highest performance level (PL 3) and the best possible protection for signal and data transmission in the new CERA headquarters.

A similar solution with performance level 2 (PL 2) was developed for the second user of the Tour Incity TER, the French regional rail service owned by the SNCF group.

“R&M’s proposal fulfilled all the requirements laid out in our technical specifications. The efficiency, logistics, product quality, and services, as well as the proposed project management strategy sealed the deal for Sogelym Dixence, the developer on this project,” says Wilfried Buratto, Head of Services at Côte S.a.s.. He says: “The overall package supplied by R&M excels in terms of quality, price, and service.”

As a certified R&M installer, Côte S.a.s. has participated in the Qualified Partner Pro­gram, allowing­ R&M to grant its 25-year system warranty for the R&Mfreenet solution and installation.

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Dominique Barek

By Dominique Barek

R&M France