Gel cold sealing and modular cable entry

R&M has developed a new outdoor solution for FO networks: the SYNO dome closure that boasts optimum flexibility. The eight radially arranged bays positioned laterally in the closure duct support all desired configurations and mixed assemblies of cables and micro ducts. Network operators have more freedom to tailor their plans and change them at short notice; conversions are always possible. From distribution and branch closure to cable joint closure, the SYNO dome closure is a strong performer in all disciplines and can be adapted to any task.

090-7530The cables are inserted laterally, doing away with the need to thread the fiber optic cable through the bottom of the closure. The cable entries can be opened, closed, changed, and retrofitted in just a few simple steps. The cable connectors and individual cables are always freely accessible. This concept is set to revolutionize the assembly process in the field and simplify maintenance work during operation.



The SYNO gel technology developed by R&M is an innovation for mechanical cold sealing. The SYNO gel permanently protects the inside of the dome closure from moisture and dust. The gel seal adapts to suit the cables entered and seals these without compromises. The gel blocks integrated into the kits are also easy to open and replace.

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Sepp Tschümperlin

By Sepp Tschümperlin