R&MinteliPhy Widens its Horizons

The automation system R&MinteliPhy for data centers is now reaching the ports of active devices such as servers and switches. This results in end-to-end management of the cabling in the LAN, also in the area of FO or data center interconnect infrastructures.

Newly developed active port cables are making this step possible. Active port cables are extending the monitoring range of Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) with FO connections which lead directly from the patch panel to the port of an active device.

The active port cable system consists of two elements: port markers and cables.

  • Port markers are fixed on the ports of the active devices. They contain RFID tags which identify every port uniquely worldwide.
  • Special cables read out the RFID tags and transmit the status information to the R&MinteliPhy Analyzer in the network cabinet.

This means the connection between the patch panel and the active device can be monitored without interruption. The system immediately detects connectivity errors. If patch cords are not plugged into the port or plugged into the wrong port, R&MinteliPhy issues an alarm with an error description. Errors can thus be localized and remedied faster. Devices are available again earlier than they would have been.

R&MinteliPhy automatically documents new connections to active devices. Furthermore, it can generate, control and monitor assignments for service technicians.

The R&MinteliPhy active port cables will be available as from the 1st quarter in 2019 for OM4 fiber optic cables with LC Duplex connectors (in the lengths of 3m as well as 7.5m). You do not require any additional hardware in the patch panel or network cabinet to monitor the ports of servers and switches. Even a mixed operation of active port cables and patch cords on the same patch panel is possible.

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Reinhard Burkert

By Reinhard Burkert

Product Manager