Fast and space-saving connection of modular switches

Cloud and hyperscale data centers are growing and consolidating their infrastructures. Modular switches with high port density are moving into the racks and network cabinets. Plug connections and cable management are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. The new Netscale Blade Manager (BCM) from R&M is now taking on the job, saving space and taking care of everything at the same time.

The Netscale Blade Cabling Manager (BCM) from R&M is used to manage up to 2,592 optical fibers simultaneously in the network cabinet. It leads fiber optic cables directly from the switch ports to the patch panel ports and saves space-consuming cable management in the cabinet.

R&M developed the Netscale Blade Cabling Manager for fast, uncomplicated addressing of vertical and horizontal modular switches. It routes fiber optic cables directly from the switch ports to the patch panel ports which are below, above or beside the switch. Every switch module (blade) is given a corresponding slot in the BCM. This eliminates the need for space-consuming cable management in the network cabinet.

The BCM occupies just two height units (U) and terminates up to 2,592 fibers. Thus, the valuable space is optimally utilized. A logical continuation of R&M’s market-leading ultra high density concept.

Cable management on the front and back is designed to quickly deal with daily configuration tasks and simple trunk cable installation. Cable guidance, port representation as well as the rear cabling guide (RCG) simplify administration. Plugging and unplugging are as easy as can be with the LC Duplex solution developed by R&M featuring Uniboot and a push/pull mechanism.

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Jörg Franzke

By Jörg Franzke