Seven colors, fixed lengths, top quality

The new RJ45 range of patch cords EasyLine (EL) is perfect for the standard-compliant basic equipment of local data networks. For applications with special requirements, the advanced standard program of patch cords is still available.
EasyLine cords are available worldwide ex warehouse:

  • as unshielded (U/UTP) or foil-shielded (U/FTP) versions
  • in four standard lengths of one, two, three, and five meters
  • in seven RAL colors
  • with printed data on them regarding length, category, cable type, article number.


The EasyLine program fulfills the parameters of Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A ISO. It also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+).

All EL products are manufactured in accordance with R&M design and quality criteria.

  • They undergo 100% individual component testing in accordance with R&M standards.
  • They have gold contacts, IDC connection technology, and high NEXT reserves.
  • The strain relief with boots is crimped around the cable and can withstand a tensile force in excess of 200 N.
  • They can be fitted with RFID chips from the R&MinteliPhy network monitoring system.

The EL series differs from the standard range in that it uses cables with reduced fire protection and EMC protection characteristics. This can result in significant cost reductions in projects where these characteristics are not required.

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By Matthias Gerber

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